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Time for a Tune Up

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

We’ve just rounded another solar orbit around the sun, to begin another cycle of 365 days until we meet at this place again in 2022. One question that many of us ask ourselves during this season of new year, is what plans, goals and resolutions will we make to be better or make achievements by the time we round back to the sun 365 days from now? Many of us, including myself may be a little hesitant with making such resolutions, plans or goals to keep us from being crushed or disappointed again, from something unforeseen, like the pandemic, which forced us to adapt, and we did!

In honor of the new year and the need to reach toward something that pulls my life forward, I discovered a practice. This practice has given me hope that when applied, it will tune up my life and I encourage you to join in for 2021. Most people are familiar with the notion of a tune up, especially if they’ve own a car, from time to time, there’s routine maintenance required to perform at maximum efficiency. Many of us use goals and resolutions during this time to achieve something greater than what is present in our lives a fresh new year is the perfect time to execute.

This tune up is a check in process that allows us to optimize our performance as we execute our purposes. There are schools of thoughts that say keep your goals to three, three a day, three a year, and so on. The practice follows that pattern of three, find three words that you want to focus your life on this year. Mine are water, focus and refresh, these have personal significance to my life. Make yours personal to you and as you do, think about ways you can maximize on those words as you apply them to your life. Surely we will experience transformation when we put this in practice, our performance will improve without having to make resolutions, set goals and it’s also pandemic proof because it all begins on what’s inside of us.

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