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A few years ago I was going through a lot! A mutual friend told me to call Celia Powell. When I called she was the calm to my storm. The words that come to mind are Powerful, Professional, Proven with no apologies. I have continued to use her services, my inspiration.

Jeannette Cordor, Executive Director 
The Faces of HOPE


Celia Powell has been my CPA for almost 10 years.  Her support of me as a business owner has been unwavering, her attention to the details of my business has been unconditional and her knowledge is unmatched.  She challenges me, encourages me and sees my future way before I do.  I am grateful to have her as my accountant and as my friend.

Rita Ricks, Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Life Coach


Celia Powell is a financial priestess whose Earthly experiences and Divine awareness has led her to move others in a comprehensive direction towards financial freedom. 


She operates as a sort of a spiritual-financial muse, if you will, by developing a holistic personal relationship and connection with each individual she helps and by assisting each client with honing a higher level of awareness of "self." 


As a holistic financial advisor, Celia Powell, uses her spiritual sense to retrieve a "full picture" of her clients' financial and personal health in order to create and redefine wealth.  She guides her clients on a path of complete financial healing and/or planning by recognizing that true Financial Freedom can only be achieved and mastered when wealth and total wellness are seen as one and the same.

Frenchi Jones-Speaker, Author and Radio Show Host

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