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Wisdom for Activating and Actualizing Your 2021 Vision

Hindsight is always 2020, and as we approach 2021, many of us are anxious for something new, like a new year. As we move through to post-pandemic covidism, we are expecting to see changes and make yet more adjustments to accommodate the healing of our world. Many of us could also use some healing to our financial condition as well as we transition out of 2020. 

As we prepare to emerge into a brand-new world, how should we approach actualizing our new lives and our new money? The following keys can take us from uncertainty and bring clarity to our mind, spirit, and money. 

1. Know your why, your purpose (“without a vision, the people perish” - Proverbs 29:18 KJV). Construct your vision board.

2. Document the vision (“write the vision and make it plain” - Habakkuk 2:2 KJV). Documentation gives accountability, so please create your budget for 2021.

3. Work the vision by taking action (“faith without works is dead” - 2 James 14-26 KJV). Pay off your debt!

4. Offer gratitude and thanksgiving once you realize your vision. 

I believe that we all have access to a higher power - a higher power within ourselves to manifest anything that we put our hearts, our minds, and our faith towards. When we use the keys, we will see results. A pandemic may have slowed us down, and for many of us, that was just what we needed, but we are resilient and ready for 2021. Ready to show the world that we still have our hopes and dreams because although they may have been put on pause, we did not surrender them. We have much to be thankful for.

 ~Celia L. Powell, CPA 

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