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The Thing Dreams Are Made Of

By Celia L. Powell

The Thing Dreams Are Made Of is a powerful financial affirmation that helps you to recognize the value of your dreams and reach your financial goals. It encourages you to visualize the life you want and to take action to make that dream a reality. By understanding the power of positive thinking and the power of money, you can start to create the life of your dreams and reach financial success. This affirmation helps to open your mind to the possibilities and potential of the future. With The Thing Dreams Are Made Of, you can begin to take the steps necessary to make your dreams a reality.

Tell me your dreams and it will expose your faith. Share your faith and it will reveal your dreams. Dreams, Dreams, Dreams, this elusive phenomenon that occurs when we reach a certain condition that science has identified as Rapid Eye Movement, otherwise known as R.E.M.. It has been discovered that in humans when one reaches this state of being it is then possible to dream. We must be in a state of being, supernatural to our normal bodily process in order to dream.  I can attest and surely others can too, that when we dream we lose control and see things that we’ve never seen, hear things that we’ve never heard and DO things that we’ve never done in our dream state. So it is with our faith according to the scripture found in Hebrews 11:1(KJV), “Now faith is, the substance  of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen(supernatural). Faith is the bridge between our supernatural and our natural, it is the bridge between our dreams and our reality. Faith is the supernatural process that happens when conditions are met as it is when we are in R.E.M sleep, it makes the impossible possible.


Have faith for your dreams.

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